Essential Tips For Building a Superb Restaurant Website

Try to see your future website through your visitors eyes. Your primary objective (in order to promote your place and meals you serve) is making food menu easily accessible, clear and readable. People want and need to know the restaurant’s location and it’s operating hours. Let them get a feel for your interior and dining […]

How to Hire the Right Employees for Your Restaurant

The most common problem with hiring is finding the right people, who, regardless of their position, knowledge, practical skills, professional experience and personal characteristics, will be able to do their job in your restaurant in a fast, effective and qualified way. Turnover and low level of professional qualification are two big issues in the restaurant […]

Top 10 restaurants in London

We made up our own list of the best and outstanding London restaurants, that can be interesting not only for tourists, but also for real gourmets. Our list names the places with remarkable food, diverse menus and high-quality service. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy London along with its legendary restaurants. You may taste incredibly […]

How to Start a Business: Opening a Small Restaurant From Scratch

When starting a small restaurant your priority focus has to be your target audience – first of all, decide who you see eating at your restaurant. One of the most promising and potential options would be opening a medium-priced midscale restaurant. Choose the Right Location Determine your restaurant location, as it’s one of the key […]