How to Hire the Right Employees for Your Restaurant

The most common problem with hiring is finding the right people, who, regardless of their position, knowledge, practical skills, professional experience and personal characteristics, will be able to do their job in your restaurant in a fast, effective and qualified way.

Turnover and low level of professional qualification are two big issues in the restaurant industry. Any restaurant can come under stress with turnover, and it’s really hard to lose a good worker, that’s why everyday contact and trainings with your staff can play a significant role in team-building and your restaurant success.

As a restaurant owner you are advised to provide:

  • A fast adaptation and training of a new employee in the shortest possible terms;
  • Building the system of instructors, who will be teaching newcomers at the time of their actual working hours;
  • Minimizing the search and recruitment time;

You should guarantee professional development of your employees and improve staff skills.

The most usual restaurant employees are students, youth and other different people, who need to earn some money. That’s why the best practice will be hourly pay, because in case your worker starts performing bad or skips work shifts, it will be easier to fire him and replace with a new member.

Managing a restaurant of any scale is a difficult task, thus a proper education in restaurant business sphere or at least a professional Restaurant Management course can be a good decision.

Hiring the right people for your restaurant is of top priority when you are about to enter restaurant business. If you take a longer view of staffing, you can find motivated and talented employees who will provide good customer service and help you maintain profitability for the long term.

Don’t underestimate the importance of putting much time and effort into the process of recruitment, as well as professional help in this aspect, since your staff will definitely define the visitors you’ll have.

Make sure you have enough time for hiring staff before the official opening of your restaurant – we advise to start in advance. A manager and a chef, who are key personnel of your place must be employed as early as possible, so that they could take part in the process of hiring staff at the preliminary stage. The main reason for engaging people beforehand is the time that you need for teaching and training them.

It is very tactical and smart to use the services of recruitment agencies (engage in this process your previously employed managing director and chef). The latter will form a great team of people that will work for your restaurant. Also, take into account that a manager and especially a chef might be from another city or even a country, so finding top-level experts for these positions may take a lot of time. Foreign employees might need a work permit, registration of various documents and pass many other required procedures to be legally and officially employed at your place.

Your particular attention should be paid to the process of selecting the managing director. A good professional will be a successful leader: it should be a person with a high level of interpersonal skills, who will warmly and sincerely welcome every guest of your place. Your managing director has to be a source of inspiration and motivation for other employees.

It is the right decision to make one manager responsible for informing the restaurant top-management on the state of affairs. The same person should have a duty to properly manage the administration system, in which he is also involved. It is great when this person has his own, professional opinion that he is ready to defend; he should not be a silent inert worker.

The restaurant hierarchy of managers looks the following way: a managing director is on the top, then follows a chef, then goes a dining room manager or a bar room manager, the next one is a technical director, as well as a director of procurement, and the list is enclosed with HR manager.

The concept of recruitment in accordance with the above-mentioned scheme combines two important functions. Your employees can perform their professional duties independently and solve all problems on their own, or they address the problems and issues to top-management of the restaurant. Secondly, it allows all of them to work in a close and friendly cooperation. Thus dealing with any emerging issues will not result in conflict of interest.

Your goal is to achieve an optimal balance of distribution of leading functions that you give to your managers. The given rights should balance the responsibilities of everyone in your team.

Your restaurant organizational structure has to take into account working capacity, qualification and given responsibilities of each employee. The structure also closely depends on a restaurant size and scale, as well as on the amount of seats (and tables) available for public. A small mid-scale family restaurant is most likely to be managed by one manager, and obviously the staff of many employees requires a couple of supervisors.

Don’t try to save money on the hiring experts, who can assist with employing the right staff for your place. You may lose the chance to properly build, create and develop the corporate culture of your restaurant, that is an indisputable basis of your success in building an efficient, effective personnel management. Also, avoid engaging your family, relatives and friends into your business. You are advised to develop a clear instruction for each position to regulate the rights and responsibilities, and they should be brought to the attention of every employee. Everyone should clearly understand the duties, strive for improvement and professional development.

It’s not easy to hire the right staff, but a more complex task is to build a strong motivated team, that can work effectively. So, success really depends on your professional and interpersonal skills, knowledge, experience and ability to establish and develop your corporate culture.