Privacy Policy

1. General Information

Client privacy is highly essential for Restaurant Hill Ltd., referring to as “Company.” Thus, it provides information on the business-related processes. It also considers but is not limited to the information obtained to proceed with transactions. The Company informs its clients about the status of their purchases via email. The Company could share personal details of customers with subsidiaries, agents, employees, business partners, and sub-contractors consistent with the terms and conditions of the given privacy policy. Consistent with the Data Protection Act as of 1998, the clients have the right to access any personal information they provided to the Company. The customers also can access their private details using personal accounts. If any legal disputes take place concerning the order or other related issues, the Company takes advantage of the UK legal system.

2. Collecting Personal Information

The personal details compiled by the Company should be provided to authorize the transactions. Such data consists of the following particulars:

  • The details on the ways to use the website of the Company. It is vital to record statistical information on the pages visited more frequently. It also includes the duration of every single visit.
  • Personal data required to purchase services from the Company after registration. The details include the customer’s name, email, billing address, and phone number.
  • The Company stores all the data shared with the Company during subscription to its services.
  • Additional data provided by the customers on a voluntary basis after the purchase or while communicating with the representatives of the Company.

3. Use of Cookies

Along with other enterprises offering online services, the Company struggles to improve experiences of the target customers by collecting their personal data. Managing cookies helps the Company to obtain relevant information concerning the computers used by the clients. It also makes sense while processing the purchase of services after they are added to the shopping cart. Besides, the cookie files enclose only statistical information without any private details. If the customers are not willing to share such information with the Company through the collection of cookies, they could quickly reject this option in the cookie settings of their browsers.

4. Use of Personal Information

The Company could use private data of the customers to:

  • Identify the services of the Company considering the preferences of its target clients;
  • Interact with the customers directly to explain the purchase details;
  • Optimize customer care services and enhance client support experiences;
  • Provide clients with preferred billing details, such as statements of purchase and invoices;
  • Share clients’ testimonials through the website;
  • Send subscription emails on innovative services and updates of the business offers;
  • Deliver access to the details of the purchase;
  • Manage the site data;
  • Proceed with transactions;
  • Supply the services provided by the clients;
  • Collect purchase payments.

5. Information Disclosure

The Company could share personal information of the target customers with its staff while obliging employees to use personal details of clients according to the given privacy policy. The Company could also share private details of clients with the third parties, comprising business partners, agents, employees, and sub-contractors who work with the Company in administering its business offers after signing the confidentiality agreement.
The personal details of the customers could be shared with the third parties based on the given Privacy Policy and by considering the circumstances referring to the following cases:

  • If the Company has a lawful required to share personal information of the customers to proceed with solving various issues during legal processes;
  • Consistent with the need to institute, use, and protect the legitimate rights of the Company and its clients while preventing any applicable lawful actions, including the disputes on private or intellectual property;
  • If the Company is sold to the third parties.

6. Data Storing and Protection

The Company considers all technical or administrative precautions with the purpose to avoid loss, misuse or adjustment of personal client information and thus guarantee the safety of private details. The safekeeping of purchases is guaranteed by Fast Spring, which is one of the best platforms that help to optimize digital business commerce operating with online purchases, mobile, and application experiences. Thus, the Company does not have access to the payment data provided by the clients and shared while purchasing services on the website, which results in highly secured payments. While managing the personal information of customers and administering the order details, the Company obliges its staff to comply with all the security measures and confidentiality requirements. At the same time, in spite of all the safety procedures, the Company cannot guarantee 100% security of all the processes with private details dealt with by the Internet. Merely in these cases, the data could be diverted by third parties. Considering the Privacy Policy, the clients reach agreement referring to the risks and understanding of many factors that exist and are not under control of the Company.

7. Privacy Protection Act Compliance

The Company functions considering the Privacy Protection Act to abide by all the necessary precautions. Consistent with the requirements of the Children Online Privacy Protection Act, the services of the Company are provided merely to the individuals who are more than 13 years old.

8. Contact Information

If any consideration of the customers remains open referring to the services of Company, this privacy policy statement or procedures of dealing with private details, the customers are welcome to contact the Company using the following information:


9. Terms and Conditions

Please, take the time to visit the Terms of Service relating to the processes, limitations of liability, disclaimers, and alternative data necessary while managing the website of the Company and updating its business offers at

10. Consent of the Customers

By purchasing the services of the Company, the clients consent to the privacy policy statement given above.