Terms of Service

Before registering an account with Restaurant Hill Ltd., please pay particular attention to the terms of service based on which the Company delivers its business offers.

1. Terms

The private details requested by the Company is required to proceed with the orders and consists of the following information.

2. Member Usage

After signing up with our online service, any person can become a Member by accepting an open offer containing the terms of this Agreement.

3. Description of Service

  1. Our service allows Members to create websites and mobile applications based on our restaurant themes. The edited version of the site for mobile restaurant application is placed at the sub-domain of the main Internet site.
  2. Members are offered 30 days of free trial. During this period, they will be able to use all features available with the service. Note that even if you fail to pay the fee after the end of the trial version, your information will not be deleted and you will be able to use it for the next payment.
  3. After creating a restaurant site with our service, Members can tie their domain or make a backup of their website.
  4. The Company doesn’t approve uploading any pornographic content. Any information of this kind will be immediately blocked and deleted.
  5. The Company doesn’t hold any responsibility for the content uploaded by its Members. It includes textual information, photos, audios, and videos.
  6. Note that if your mobile application includes any of the following content, it may be blocked by App Store or Google Play:
    • Graphic Sexual Content or Nudity;
    • Profanity or Crude Humor;
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References;
    • Mature/Suggestive Themes;
    • Simulated Gambling;
    • Horror/Fear Themes;
    • Prolonged Graphic or Sadistic Realistic Violence;

    In that case, Members will have to alter the content for the application to be approved. The Company also has the right to make a decision on whether to upload the application to Google Play or App Store. The Company can also edit the content consistent with the clients’ needs and permission to publish the data.

  7. Mobile applications are uploaded within the period of 14 days.
  8. We guarantee that your mobile restaurant application will be uploaded. If you encounter any issues, we will provide necessary recommendations for all the Members so that their application is approved.

4. Information Confidentiality

We guarantee privacy and safety of Member’s personal data and order details. This information will not be handed over to a third party or used in any way that can harm the Members or isn’t related to the order. Check the Privacy Policy page for more details.

5. Disclaimer of Warranties

The company offers this service on the basis of “as is” and “as available” in an entirely legal manner. The company makes no warranties or statements about the use of this service regarding its precision, reliability or adequateness. We do not take any responsibility for risks that might be associated with the use of our website and mobile restaurant applications. The company disclaims all implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, and possibility to use this service for any particular goal.

6. Unique Content Guarantees

We guarantee uniqueness of all publications on our website. All content uploaded to our service will fully fit the requirements of the website Member plans. However, we can’t protect your content from being copied and otherwise used after publication by third parties that aren’t associated with the Company.

7. Restaurant Themes Safety Guarantees

The selected restaurant themes will be available on our website for the period of your registration with our company. If the chosen restaurant template disappears or does not function properly for any reason, the Company guarantees to restore the theme, replacing it with a similar one, or refunding the price of the restaurant template to the Member. Note, that the given condition does not include the information, such as posts and links that are placed on the restaurant theme by the customer. All the changes that take place from the position of the Company are managed by the authorized employees only.

8. Inability to Guarantee Results

Company’s service is a website and restaurant application building platform and not a marketing service with a full set of website optimization instruments. Therefore, we do not guarantee the increase in traffic on the Member’s websites, improvement of SEO ranking, lead number growth, sales boost, customer loyalty, etc.

9. Limitation of Liability

We guarantee the safety of services offered to all our Members. However, we have no control over the ranking of Member’s websites with search engines, their anchor sheet, links profile, and SEO dynamics before the Members created an account with our service. Therefore, we do not guarantee that Member’s websites will not get penalties from Panda or Google Penguin. We bear no responsibility for any damages provoked by the use of our service. By registering on our website, the Members accept any responsibility for potential damages, including both direct or indirect ones arising from the use of our service.

10. Changes in Order Details by the Client

The customer is allowed to alter the order details after processing the payment. It means that the details mentioned in the order through our Company’s website before making the payment can be changed after the order authentication based on the needs of the customer.

11. Corrections in Selected Templates used for both Website and Mobile Application

It is possible to amend all the published data on your restaurant themes, including the site notifications, restaurant events, table reservation, online order forms, location details, blog posts, pizza contractor elements, restaurant menus, and recipes. Hence, using the order form, define all the necessary details and make any changes before publishing your website and restaurant application. Afterward, we only send the completed restaurant themes to Google Play and App Store for approval.

12. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The most important aspect of concern is intellectual property and copyright in editing restaurant themes and website applications accordingly. Google pays specific attention to the nature of content uploaded both to the website and mobile restaurant application. Consistent with the regulations of Google Play and App Store, a failure to strictly follow the intellectual property and copyright rules will lead to an automatic ban of both website and mobile application, which happens without any clarification of details. Therefore, members should follow the intellectual property and copyright rules to prevent any consequent removal of websites and mobile applications by Google Play and App Store.

Members should not copy any information unauthorized for publishing without indicating its origin or by providing a signed agreement of allowance for any further content publication. The same applies to publishing plagiarized information on either the website or restaurant mobile application. It is also prohibited to impersonate other individuals or distribute applications that confuse users with any violation of intellectual property rights. It includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and other proprietary rights. It is also forbidden to encourage others for violating the copyright and intellectual property rights via mobile restaurant applications.

Hence, if Google Play or App Store determine any infringements of copyright and intellectual property rights, their representatives will take appropriate measures to terminate the work of both restaurant website and mobile application. In case Members have any information allowing them to publish such content, they should provide the proof of author’s allowance and contact the representatives of Google Play and App Store before posting the website and mobile restaurant application. It will help to avoid any consequent violation of copyright and intellectual property rights.

Refer below to the most famous examples of infringements related to copyright and intellectual property rules:

  • Covers of music albums, video games, and books;
  • Promotional images from movies, television shows, or video games;
  • Images or screen savers from comics, cartoons, movies, videos, TV series or TV shows;
  • Logos of university or professional sports teams;
  • Photos of famous person profiles in social networks;
  • Pictures of famous people shot by professional photographers;
  • Reproductions of copyrighted material, or copies that are indistinguishable from the original;
  • Audio recordings of copyrighted material;
  • Copies or translations of books which are not in the public domain.

13. Refund Policy

We guarantee a full refund in case we are not able to perform the Member’s order. The amount of money returned will be equivalent to the value of the purchase. As an alternative, we can offer you one-month membership at a similar price for free. In case a refund is issued, your money will be reimbursed within the next 30 days after submitting your request with no further questions. All the amendments on the Member’s accounts are managed by authorized employees of the Company.

14. Removal of the Published Website

In certain cases, Company allows the removal of published restaurant websites and mobile application. To take advantage of this offer, the Members should get in touch with client support of the Company using the contacts provided on the website. Make sure the Member’s contact email is identical to the email mentioned in the order form.

15. Indemnification

The Members agree to indemnify Company, its affiliates, subsidiaries and employees, and hold it innocent from any demand or claim, including attorneys’ costs and fees by any third parties as a result of Member’s use of the Service, and also in case this Agreement should be violated, or any intellectual property should be infringed by Members or any other users accessing the Service from their personal accounts or computers.

16. Modifications and Service Failures

The Service can be suspended or discontinued at any time with or without alerting the Members. The company denies any liability to Members and reserves ultimate rights on modification and suspension of the Service. The Members accept that the Company does not secure uninterrupted or constant access to this service. Many factors can undermine the work of our website, and we don’t always have full control of these circumstances.

17. Disclaimer Regarding Accuracy of Publisher Information

Information like the data published on the restaurant theme is the sole property of the customer or provided by different Vendors while taking advantage of open-access sources. The Company performs all the appropriate measures to do everything to check the accuracy of uploaded information. However, we discard any warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability of any data available on the published website. The company also rejects any warranties regarding any Vendor’s products or services, and Members accept the risk of relying on any warranties and representations provided by any Vendor.

18. Compliance with Laws

Member is supposed to be aware of the applicable law and assumes responsibility for complying with legal procedures in the United Kingdom. The service cannot be used in any way that violates applicable legislation on the state, federal, or international level, including government requirements and regulations. As such, the Members agree not to upload any content that may be associated with civil or criminal liabilities.

19. Proprietary and Confidential Information

All materials published or included on our website, comprising graphics, text, interfaces, applications, etc., belong to the Company and third parties according to the intellectual property rights. Members are prohibited from using any materials on the website, such as replication, modification, distribution or reproduction for any purposes other than mentioned above, any data mining or extraction, or other commercial use, without prior written consent obtained from the Company’s authorized representatives. Members also agree that no automatic equipment, including spiders and robots, or manual processes will be used to copy or monitor the content available on our website without prior written consent obtained from the Company’s authorized representatives.

20. Other Terms

Should any provision of this Terms of Service Agreement be void, illicit or inapplicable regardless of the reason, it will not affect the other provisions that will remain valid and enforceable to the greatest extent. Members agree that the Company may assign this Terms of Service Agreement, as well as any other agreements associated with our service, to a third party should it merge with or be acquired by another Company. This Terms of Service Agreement is applicable in addition to any other written agreement between Member and Company and shall not be superseded by them. By accepting this Terms of Service Agreement, Member agrees to the use of their personal data as well as other practices mentioned in our Privacy Policy Statement.